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Remote filesystems

Hi all... I'm new to this forum & to UAE but not to the Amiga & networking.

I'd like to be able to mount my real Amiga's drives under UAE if that's possible. I have the full version of AmiTCP4.3 installed on my Amiga and used to use its "amiganetfs" between it and my old A1200 when I had it on my LAN.

I've been using Amiga Samba to remotely access the Amiga from Windoze but not without issues ;-) I'd rather not go that route (a Samba client under UAE... would that even work?) if there's an Amiga-native solution... any ideas?

Amiganetfs doesn't work... complains of "missing services". I presume it needs a full TCP/IP environment, which the bsdsocket.library by itself does not provide.

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