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Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
Security through obscurity is not that much security.
Look! I'm dressed in a clown suit at a meeting of goths. No one will spot me...
I would want to add to this statement. The way it "should" read is :
Look! I'm dressed in a clown suit at a meeting of goths. There is someone sniping goth's but i should be fairly safe.

Point being the virus and worms plaguing the net is directed something like 85% Microsoft OS based PC's, 10% Apple and 5% Linux/NetBSD. I omitted the stuff for "smart devices" as phones and stuff, for the same reason as the Amiga OS isn't a factor above. Nobody really targets them due to being obscure.
You could be naked under the clown-suit, nobody will go after you unless you tell them you got something they want. Someone has to make a manual effort to get under your suit, and quite frankly, your not worth the time. Hosting a TV network in the nude under a clown-suit, now that would be a bad idea, but you, with your Boing ball nose should be safe, from now, until eternity. "hackers" long since gave up on trying to hack personal computers. They hack larger networks manually, if there is something worth their time in there, but what do you got that they cant get elsewhere? The threat to "us" as private users is nothing but automated drones that work following a very narrow target description. Defined by the security exploit it can automatically use, replicate, and most likely, steal account (websites, games, and what not) and banking information, so on, so forth. If you don't have the exploit(s) it's looking to use, then your not a viable target. It will possibly check if your a naked Microsoft target as well as a few exploits, but then it's of to greener pastures.

I'm not even sure there are any self replicating viruses for the Amiga, that can infect you over the net. Getting infected files, when downloading stuff, sure, but virus that calls your system without your actions... No idea, are there? (I mean stuff that works like the blaster worm. Spreads itself over the net using active services on the host, and vulnerable exploits on the target)
Nothing can protect ya from user stupidity, emails with attachments that are password-protected archives where the user has to manually unpack, and input the password & open the file, with the text of the mail explaining that the archive has to be password-protected, or the file would be deleted as a virus by the e-post server has proved that... Over and over.

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