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Originally Posted by commodorejohn View Post
"Churning out" is not what we need. A good basic framework for things like I/O and scripting can be a big help to quality game development, but make a system specifically geared towards one type of game and all you'll get is a flood of shovelware, like RPG Maker games. The Amiga deserves better than that.
Not really, to makes something as good as a classic cinemaware game you need to write a system to control the characters in the game world (AI), contain their conversations, control their on screen presence (facial movement, movement on screen), managing on screen objects not people, 'set background' simulator etc etc.

As Cinemaware were one of the few companies that weren't writing pure drivel and trying to make the most of the A1000 chipset (ie 1mb chipram never required) making a system that means you can focus your energy 100% on the story and plot twists is not a bad thing. It sure as well would look better and play better than PD quality games being made now. If you could sit down and produce an Amiga game version of some old movie like N by NW etc it would be an amazing addition to the Amiga catalogue in 2012.

You have to reach for beyond your grasp to make anything truly awesome.

Anyway it's a moot point as my Amiga coding days are over, the A1200/600 keyboard is horrible to code on and bix bog Amigas with HDDs are too expensive these days.
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