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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
This could be done quite easily. Installer is available from Aminet:

@MadAngus: I have uploaded the AIAB-r10d-update archive to The Zone for you. It is meant to be extracted over an existing installation of r10, r10a, r10b or r10c.

It is the one uploaded by Jaybee, but with the correct readme file replacing the original.

For some reason, this archive is proving difficult to convert to zip while preserving all the directory attributes (time and date stamps). It could be done manually, but that would take much longer. Unfortunately, Jaybee uploaded only a rar archive back then, and the original has the same problem...
Cheers for the files .

Don't worry about converting to zip, we've got it, that's what counts.

Future version will come in archive formats LHA and Zip.

I'll take note of that installer, thanks killergorilla for the newer version. Inno Setup will be used for Windows.

Redevelopment Confirmed. I'll be doing bleeding edge releases incrementally one component at a time, aiming for a full alpha release around Christmas. That's just a guide to want I'm hoping to achieve.

Please appreciate that I have other projects that people want to see releases for.
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