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Question RAM Identification Problems in 22r4?

Is it me (or my system anyway) or is really something going wrong with new version’s memory detection? I tried to run Capital Punishment, which I had installed on hard disk from adfs to see if I could make it run under 22r4 since in the previous version couldn’t get it any further than the selection screen right before the game begin. So what happens now is that the game gives me a guru meditation message that there is not enough memory. As anyone can guess I tried every possible combination of ram (all kinds of it with different amounts of memory) but the message’s still there. In the process I noticed that if I have fast ram selected Z3 ram is ignored in the workbench. I don’t know if it is normal and I can’t remember noticing the same thing in a previous version. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a previous version in zip format to verify it (I hate installation routines as they do whatever they like to your system). Not that I looked that hard for one ;-)
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