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Jonathan Drain
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I bet some old Amiga developers read EAB or know someone who does, and would release the source code to their old games.

Actually, the game I want to see the source code to is K240.

K240 had so many mysterious game mechanics, like alien missiles that made a blue flash but didn't seem to damage any buildings. Even the amount of damage your own ship weapons did was classified. At least with Worms everyone knows the damage values off by heart: bazooka 50, shotgun 2x25, dynamite 75...

We actually found two of K240's creators on Facebook: Graeme Ing and Pete Daniels. It was cool, there used to be a K240 group on Facebook and we got to talk to them a little about the game's development. I don't know if they want to release the source code, though. (I WANT IT SO MUCH)
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