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I downloaded that Assange Channel 10 documentary movie you speak about and I'll take a look at it real soon. Yes there are a lot of C64s and fake BBS screens but it looks ok to watch.

I guess the Amiga is still one of the best computers to hack from as there is no way to hack or damage an Amiga OS via the internet; not like it is possible to hack a PC; as non of the nets trojans and worms were written for it. All the spyware and bots were written with Macs and PCs in mind, so they can't even track you online. They most the amiga will be visible online is the IP address, but without any Windows/JAVA backdoors to push open, the Amiga is probably the safest stealth machine around. Added to that the fact that the file system, OS, and raw machine code is different; and yet the machine language is so easy to learn; it becomes possible to write unhackable and undetectable software for montoring web traffic without someone trying to hack you in return.

At least that was the theory, especially in the early days of BBS systems. These days they use SSL and encryption which is no easy ball-game to crack, but in those days everything was plain ASCII and BBS systems simply required email filtering to find out the backdoor keys.

Those were the days.
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