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As i haven't done that already! sigh

1) goes and deletes WHDLOAD from Winuae\Harddrives\Workbench\C
2) Copies over WHDLOAD VERSION 17 +KEY from the classic WB setup into Winuae\Harddrives\Workbench\C
3) Loads winuae and then into the amiga in a box desktop

I can see i'll have to figure this one out on my own


4) Just tried using the install option for whdload and it says " object already in use " however when it came to classicWB it said, an object is newer than that you are trying to install which i clicked cancel as i knew that anyway. So something is going wrong in my Amiga Box WHDLOAD. Will try and delete it, then the install option from applications.

5) There seems to be a WHDLOAD PREFS in \S which is causing grief so i've deleted that and also the WHDLOAD version 15 in \C through Winuae

6) It installed then got to this, which i clicked ignore

7) Now my games are running but with WHDLOAD 16.8

8) ClassicWB is running with 17+

Very strange :/

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