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Originally Posted by lordofchaos View Post
Personally I find the Amiga is far too often ignored in general, especially amongst industry and development types.. Atari, Sega, Nintendo, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs...We hear about these guys a lot...Whenever there's a documentary on TV about home computers the Amiga is lucky to get a passing mention...I'm not saying there's no recognition out there for the Amiga but considering how far ahead of the curve it was to everything else it just seems weird. Is the Amiga the black sheep of computing?
Well, Eagerly awaiting the Viva Amiga movie:

Next year people will at least get a documentary that highlights the Amiga. Not catering the uk ego as in the uk documentaries where Acorn and Sinclair are the highlights. or the US ones where Microsoft and Apple goes head to head.

But I could really like a Atari vs Commodore movie like the acorn vs sinclair one. that could be a fun one given the historical twists.
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