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Originally Posted by mc6809e View Post
Well it's possible to get independent channel positioning if two voices is enough. Just point one voice on the left output and one on the right output to the same waveform and period, and adjust the volume controls to position the voice.

I could see how two voices might be enough in some cases.

It might be possible to use software synthesis to get more voices.

Here's a crazy idea: use interrupt driven mode to time CPU fetches from waveforms for four voices, but then use simple mixing of the fetched samples to create the desired left/right balance for each voice.

Probably isn't enough time, though, if output rates are high.
This is my point - doubling number of bits - one half dedicated to Left, second to Right - give a real panorama positioning - however probably was seen to costly when Paula was designed (low budget, problems, time constrains etc).
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