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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
@prowler: Those files were downloaded from Jaybees AIAB site when it was still running so they are legit files. Should the r10-update only be used on the full r10 release?
I can't see what that would achieve, unless there were bugs in the original r10 release, which this update was designed to fix, but which didn't justify bumping the version to r10a.

I will look into this by installing r10 and applying the r10-update and noting what changes are made.

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Have also found the AIAB r10 installer, simply called aiab.exe (nullsoft installer v1.2) If you want it let me know!!

The aiab-r10.exe I uploaded to The Zone is also a NullSoft Installer v1.2 and the filesize is 4,036,760 bytes. If yours has the same filesize, then it's probably identical to what we already have.

However, if yours is different, then please upload it, but stick with the aiab.exe filename to avoid overwriting mine.
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