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@BarryB: The archive you uploaded to The Zone contains four unique archives as follows:
  • and archive versions 1.0 and 1.1. (The existing version on the AIAB downloads page is version 1.2.)
  • : This is not the full zip archive, but an update. However, it's not clear what purpose it serves, because it appears to be too small to extract over the previous version (r8) and bring it up to date. This will require some investigation...
  • : This is an early archive from 20-JAN-1999 containing the EaglePlayer2, ExoticRipper and OctaMED sound applications and AmFTP, AmIRC, and Voyager internet applications. It was probably intended as an add-on for early versions of AIAB, but in later versions these applications (or replacements for them) were included in the main archive.

@MadAngus: This evening, I have at last fixed the final release archive, replacing the WIP2 Update.txt readme file dated 15-FEB-2003 with the correct one dated 22-MAY-2005 without touching anything else, and I have also created aiab-r10d.rar and aiab-r10d.7z files with identical content.

By the time you read this, they will be in The Zone for you.

From AIAB-r10, Jaybee began distributing his installers using the NullSoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). I have downloaded a contemporary version of this installer creator from SourceForge with a view to providing a realistic aiab-r10d.exe installer as well. If this is successful, I will consider doing the same for Jaybee's later 10.5 and 10.6 versions prior to your taking over the development.
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