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Thank you for the files .

By 2 votes, LHA for the Amiga it is then.

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
I am confident that you will find no Kickstart ROM or Workbench disk images in Jaybee's archives. I am sure that by 'illegal files' he means those containing GIF code, as I mentioned above, and they are no longer considered illegal now anyway.

Any Kickstart ROM or Workbench disk images you do find will have been included by persons other than Jaybee after their release. Certainly, you will find none in the files I provide - they will all be original and unmodified, except where I have fixed the readme files, etc. and all such changes will be notified in this thread.
Exactly my thoughts esspecially the underlined "by persons other than Jaybee".

We're doing well folks thanks. Now back to AIAB work.
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