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Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
Future version archive format:

As MS-Windows uses the CR+LF characters and AmigaOS and *Nix uses just the LF characters, there would possibly be two archive distributions zip and exe for windows, and tar.gz Or lha for Amiga and *Nix.

So the question is tar.gz Or lha for the LF only files. Ooorrr, I could just use zip archive for these with a .LF prefix to the filename e.g.*
Well, since AIAB is an environment for Amiga Emulation, I would prefer it if the Amiga archives were distributed in the more appropriate lha format, since they can readily be opened on *nix platforms as well.

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
@prowler: Uploaded those files to The Zone, MadAgnus PM'd me, glad I didn't delete them now
Thankyou very much, Barry. I'm glad you didn't delete them too.

Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
Cheers for the work. If you have done the binary file editor work great , if not I would just leave it as is, the readme is linked to as a separate file on the downloads page.
I will have completed fixing that archive by this evening, and will upload it to The Zone for you then.

As you will have experienced when trying to salvage files using The Wayback Machine, it is very frustrating when the file you have downloaded appears to be at odds with the readme file and other indications on the web page, so it's better to get it right if possible.

Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
Originally Posted by prowler View Post
I really don't think it's worth preserving the earlier version of AIAB-r10b, unless you wish to include it for the benefit of 'completists', in which case I will upload that too
I agree, as long as we have a version (preferably final) of the 'update previous version' and 'full install of new version' then that is satisfactory.
Yes, both the AIAB-r10b Windows installer and zip archive/update files on the downloads page are of the final version, as confirmed above.

The MacAIAB-r10b.sit file is the earlier version, but that was the only r10b release for Macintosh, AFAIK.

Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
The legal side of things:

I have read some of Jaybee's comments saying that no illegal files are contained in the archives after version 1.6. So to be on the safe side, any version prior to V2 will not be hosted on the new site.
I am confident that you will find no Kickstart ROM or Workbench disk images in Jaybee's archives. I am sure that by 'illegal files' he means those containing GIF code, as I mentioned above, and they are no longer considered illegal now anyway.

Any Kickstart ROM or Workbench disk images you do find will have been included by persons other than Jaybee after their release. Certainly, you will find none in the files I provide - they will all be original and unmodified, except where I have fixed the readme files, etc. and all such changes will be notified in this thread.
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