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Future version archive format:

As MS-Windows uses the CR+LF characters and AmigaOS and *Nix uses just the LF characters, there would possibly be two archive distributions zip and exe for windows, and tar.gz Or lha for Amiga and *Nix.

So the question is tar.gz Or lha for the LF only files. Ooorrr, I could just use zip archive for these with a .LF prefix to the filename e.g.*

Thought I'd get this question out the way while it's in my head. Yes I do lose questions, they have a sneaky habit of escaping through my ears, little blighters.

Ideas are worse because they are like radiation and bounce of the brain cells leaving a residual trace, however this trace in some instance has a half life of 'I had it a split second ago', and then its gone.
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