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Cheers for the work. If you have done the binary file editor work great , if not I would just leave it as is, the readme is linked to as a separate file on the downloads page.

I really don't think it's worth preserving the earlier version of AIAB-r10b, unless you wish to include it for the benefit of 'completists', in which case I will upload that too
I agree, as long as we have a version (preferably final) of the 'update previous version' and 'full install of new version' then that is satisfactory.

As pointed out below we will only go as far back as version 2. Note however I will not spend any time looking for v2-v3, I am happy that we have got as far back as version 4, thanks to the contributions from of the community.

Thanks for highlighting the post from BarryB, completely missed that one. Sorry BarryB, please upload those files thanks. (little pm sent to BarryB )

The legal side of things:

I have read some of Jaybee's comments saying that no illegal files are contained in the archives after version 1.6. So to be on the safe side, any version prior to V2 will not be hosted on the new site.

I am at the moment checking every install and archive through to installation to make sure that no roms are included and that the workbench disk is requested and that a copy process is fulfilled. These archives have been in the wild too long and I want to make sure they are 100% legal as Jaybee went to a lot of work to make them so.

As far as apps like DOpus v4 are concerned, Jaybee got permission to distribute these apps with his AIAB distributions, as long as the archives etc are unmodified then those permissions still stand. The only difference is they are being hosted on another server. Note: I don't count restoring an archive/file to it's original state as a modification.

As far as new updates/versions etc, are concerned, permissions will have to be renewed because they have a new maintainer. Out of respect and courtesy permissions will also be re-requested for the old files.

I wonder if anyone is in contact with Jaybee. It would be good to get his blessing for all this. Maybe I should try his old eMail address.

One other thing, I like Acknowledgement pages/sections so those that have or will contribute get a mention .
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