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Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
so my R10b second version is the final version dated 3/11/01

These are the files on r10b I have all are 3/11/01

Except MacAIAB.sit don't know what date that is, will need to get an expander and check.

Done confirmed MacAIAB.sit version is r10b and Date is 26/09/01.
Right, thanks. So the two versions of AIAB-r10b are dated 29-JUN-2001 and 03-NOV-2011, and the MacAIAB-r10b.sit file is the earlier version, but the Windows installer, zip archives and readme files are the later version.

I was mistaken, then. I had thought the file I uploaded was the earlier version, but in fact it's the later.

I successfully prepared an file for uploading earlier this evening but, when I extracted it, I found that the 'Update.txt' readme file I had included is in Amiga format (no carriage returns) when I should be in Windows format. I will put this right and upload it tomorrow. (It's not a simple matter; I'm actually patching the compressed archive with a binary file editor to avoid touching anything else in order to make it as close as possible to the file Jaybee had originally intended to upload with the correct readme file.)

I really don't think it's worth preserving the earlier version of AIAB-r10b, unless you wish to include it for the benefit of 'completists', in which case I will upload that too

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
I found these on my HDD:

Any use?
Yes indeed, please upload those, Barry.

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