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I've got them, thanks all the same.

so my R10b second version is the final version dated 3/11/01

These are the files on r10b I have all are 3/11/01

Except MacAIAB.sit don't know what date that is, will need to get an expander and check.

Done confirmed MacAIAB.sit version is r10b and Date is 26/09/01.

FOL has tested the r10.6 install on real Amiga hardware and got it working.
See this thread for details on the file edits need to make it work.

ptyerman uploaded r10.6 ( to the zone. peterk uploaded a 20071213-aiab-r10.6.7z file if you prefer that format.

If your going to use AIAB please use the 10.6 version as it will be the basis for future development. Stable or not, it is being classified as stable.

Found a some spanners in the works, so I'm having to do a pile of file checks. So the site might be down for a day or two. I did say the weekend somewhere so you can count on that.
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