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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
It would be alot easier to use the existing expansion port.
I would think it would cost to do something thats already there.
The point was:

1. Make something that does exactly what the SX32 did. (Memory, IDE interface (or just a CF/SD card holder) - and replicating other ports like external drive and analouge RGB out isn't a bad idea either.

2. Make something that either does everything 1) does, but also leaves room for a higher end accelerator on top like the aca500 does.

3. or Make something that either does everything 1) does - but with a 030 processor.

Any one of them is greatly appriciated. The SX addons cost easily 200++ GBP on evilbay now, so there are room for a modern expansion at less than that price (like the other acas cost).
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