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Re: Uploads

Originally posted by Codetapper
If somebody wants to upload the CAPS images here can they PLEASE always upload just the IPF file as a separate archive? I don't care about the box and manual, but I do need some IPF files for adding CAPS support to RawDIC - and over a 56k modem, it's bloody annoying downloading 1.8 Mb for a couple of hundred k file...

I don't care if people want to upload both, just please upload an IPF only version aswell!
Sorry we have not replied to your mail yet Codetapper, v. busy at the moment.

Anyway, just to say to people not to bug Codetapper for adding support for CAPS images to RawDIC/WHDLoad because he is constrained by us, and when we can find the time to port the CAPS image support library to the Amiga.

And we are very busy right now!
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