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Originally Posted by MagikGimp View Post
Lastly, a note on those pre-installs- you should always uncompress them in the AiaB environment although you can probably get away with any that have been zipped (.zip). The LHA archives will not extract correctly (the files contained within must be "LHA'ed" to maintain their original structures) outside an Amiga environment; this was discovered fairly recently in regards to these certain games. Just extract to the RAM disc and drag-copy over to the games drawer, at least that's what I do.
Oooh! I recently had a discussion about this matter with Retro-Nerd 'cause I said to make what you say: unpack them in the miggy (environment).

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Only app. 5% of the games get problems if you unpack them in Windows.

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