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Don't forget that some of the WHDLoad installs are going to contain corrupt files making games impossible to complete. I agree, JayBee's icons are lovely but unfortunately were replaced by future installs. I should clarify that I'm referring to Killer Gorilla's packs and this FTP server (which have the latest distributions) in case people aren't aware. Don't know about the legality of these, don't care but that's not my issue!
Installing the latest WHDLoad is a simple case of running the installer over the files already there. If I remember correctly AiaB doesn't have a Help drawer in the system drive so you may want to put a nicer icon in that one.
Lastly, a note on those pre-installs- you should always uncompress them in the AiaB environment although you can probably get away with any that have been zipped (.zip). The LHA archives will not extract correctly (the files contained within must be "LHA'ed" to maintain their original structures) outside an Amiga environment; this was discovered fairly recently in regards to these certain games. Just extract to the RAM disc and drag-copy over to the games drawer, at least that's what I do.
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