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All tested from SPS versions. Sometimes I have taken pictures of the last screen you see before the game resets/gurus. Not really relevant, but since I had them I decided to post them. Might be useful one day or another for anyone who would need some logos or some red screens .

Alien Breed: Screenshot below + plays a laughing sample (as Sektor 83 said). The story disk gurus with only 512k

Alien Breed 92: Picture + scrolling text

AB Tower Assault: simply a red screen

Apache + overdrive demo: you reach the menu selection screen between the two games, but after selecting one, the Amiga resets.

Arcade Pool gurus

Assassin: displays the logos (T17, Psionic and then the Assassin picture) and then resets

Assassin SE: Same thing, logos + Assassin loading picture. But after two resets, the Amiga turns crazy (no reset and the floppy activitiy indicator for all drives keep blinking).

Body Blows (v2) : gurus (and yes it is that game that has the Superfrog and Overdrive ads, which display fine with 512k, the guru happening just after)

Body Blows Galactic: keeps loading, cycling from track 1 to 5

F17 : Picture below

Full Contact works with 512k as dlfrsilver said.

Kingpin: Same screen that you can see on some cracks when you need to swap disks ???

Overdrive : Like Assassin, logos, Overdrive loading screen and then resets. Crazy Amiga symptom after 3 resets.

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