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I never said that I was expecting you to add complexity to ACATune just for such a case (...although a car tire in a bike was really sexy as the Batpod... )
Just realized the problem and thought about commenting it for other people to know. Since I can workaround the problem using 2 options, it's ok for me

Apparently you haven't read my #2600 post...
I have an A600 that runs just fine. Occasionally I backup it's configuration to WinUAE to be able to check other things and then transfer them back to the Amiga (via CF card).

Apparently ACATune doesn't run on WinUAE (and that's why till 1.7 was saying that it didn't find an accelerator and all was good) since custom kick that I made was being used via the ROM choice in WinUAE.
Now I have to disable either the speciffic chipset (which is an option) or disable ACATune (which is an option as well).

Thanks for taking a look at it.
If I can help with any way just gimme a shout

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