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OK I tested the new version and seems to work just fine on my ACA630@30MHz.
I found out a bad side-effect though :S
Under WinUAE all versions of ACATune (until this one) reported that Card is not present and booting continued succesfully (since it was >NIL).
In last version and for reasons that only Jens or the Developers know ACATune reports that it found an ACA accelerator reporting ACA630@25 if the chipset is ECS and A600 and ACA1230@28 if the chipset is AGA and A1200!!!

You can see an exampled screenshot that I took just now from WinUAE and a test environment of my A600 system.

...and the same environment just changing the chipset to AGA and A1200:

That bug or feature (dunno what it is tbh) prevents WinUAE from loading (making an endless black booting loop) until you disable ACATune from startup-sequence!
It would be nice if this bug or feature would be removed, cause it's rather irritating having to disabled ACATune if you're using your backup under WinUAE and then re-enabling it if you transfer it back into the Real Amiga!

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