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Tested. Alien Breed 2 ECS has ads for Assasin Special Edition and Body Blows Galactic.

AB2 AGA has no ads. The message stevsurv posted does appear if you lower the memory to 1 Mb, so I confirm it says "Superfrog".
I guess the error message routine was taken from Superfrog, then modified for AB2 AGA, but they forgot to change the game name .

Interestingly, AB2 ECS displays a message if you have only 512K, but the name is correct:

Was AB2 AGA released before the ECS version?

Finally, AB2 AGA runs on an ECS machine but with messed up graphics

PS: Can a mod move posts #59, 61, 62, 63 and this one to a more appropriate thread? Or perhaps create a new one ("Not enough RAM detected"?/"Inappropriate configuration found"?)?
These posts are actually dealing with the opposite of this thread topic

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