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Originally Posted by PopoCop View Post
Few years ago I tested few versions of ASp for Ian on my A1200 with Blizzard 1230/50 Mhz. All of them were versions newer that 0.80 and I remember that emulation of 48k games was OK (speed of real Spectrum). 128k games with a lot of AY sounds slowed emulation down.
My opinion is: you can use ASp with 68030/50 Mhz Amiga but only for 48k games.

BTW: BlazeWCP gives ASp some speed.
I have'nt found any speed problems, ASp seems full speed on my 030/40MHz.
Maybe cause Im using custom rom? with lots of fixes and optimisations?

Now on my old A600 030/40MHz, it was really slow.
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