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He he. I don't have children but one day I will try with those of friends of mine to show them the covers and ask them what they think .

By the way, I don't know which audiences you targeted with Skweek on iOS, but if you are thinking of reaching children (besides retro-gamers) perhaps you should include a "kid mode" in the game.

Something like having three hit-points, with a short invincibility after being hit.

From discussions here and on other forums, it seems to us (old gamers) that nowadays games are easier or at least more forgetful of mistakes.
Today, children less used to things like instant death.

The original Skweek was quite kid-friendly since when dying all the coloured tiles remained pink (if the game had a hardcore mode they could all revert to blue) and was quite generous on the amount of lives.
Still, it may be a bit frustrating today.

You could for example have the "kid mode" available as a training mode for something like the first 10/20 levels, so that children can easily enjoy the game the first times they play.
And then after those levels, have a message stating that Skweek must now face real danger and that to get over those first levels, you need to play in normal mode.
Yes, we have realized over time that "nowadays", games must be much easier as they were years ago.
For Skweek on iOS, we did several attempts, tweaks, etc. to make the game easy. But still, people complained...
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