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As for gaming, i got an atari, then upgraded to spectrum, then amiga, then psx, ps2 then ps3.

The evolution of gaming for me stopped with the PS2, all the other systems were generations of games, each one offering new experiences with games, from 2d to 3d ext. The ps2 made the draw distance longer and a higher resolution, the ps3 did the same again. To be honest, i dont care about ps2 games even though i owned and played a lot of them. They just dont capture me in the way psx, amiga or speccy games do.

The ps4 will just do ps3 gfx but add more detail in the textures etc. Cod, fifa, gran turismo will still play and look and sound the same but "be a bit better" so why would anyone ever play GT A spec when its not really that much different to gran turismo 5.

Il always have time for SWOS, even when im old and grey. But i doubt il look back on fifa 11 with misty eyes lol
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