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The Official EAB Top 100 Amiga Games 2012 - Vote

Yeah, I know, Top 100 lists and the like aren't exactly original. But then I thought (during a particularly uneventful long coach trip last Sunday) "hey, EAB doesn't have a list like this, why don't we compile one? I'll write up the results into a proper article, Amiga Power Top 100-style, only voted for by the members here rather than argued over in arbitrary fashion by the staff of a magazine?"

And besides, we all know that people's tastes can change over time. Your favourite games now might not be the ones you'd go for 15-20 years ago. Maybe those you loved when you were younger have aged badly, or perhaps you've discovered a hidden gem you didn't know about for many years.

So I thought it would be fun and potentially quite entertaining to do just that. But of course I need your help here. You know how all this voting nonsense works by now but just to cover all the bases:

Vote for your own personal top ten games ONLY and in order from 1 to 10. 1st place gets 10 points, 10th gets just the one.

No editing your votes please otherwise it will become a nightmare to keep track of it.

Any Amiga game counts, whether it's commerical, public domain or whatever.

As a bonus, you can optionally also vote for your worst game ever, too. Only one vote per member please and again I'll count these up separately.

Voting starts now and will close 23:59 UK time on October 31. No votes after this date will be counted.

After this I will compile the results, and write up a nice big article hopefully in time for Christmas to show just what EAB regards as its favourite Amiga games in 2012.

So get voting and have fun

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