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Hard to say, now stuff is fare more prevalent (sales figures) and far more disposable.

Unlike the Amiga that had a sales life from 1985 to 1994, theres not many machines that have that length of longevity anymore.

PS3's will still be around for a few years to come solely until Blurays are superceeded, and then they will vanish, the original XBox died a horrific death as soon as the 360 came out, it was as if Microsoft just assumed people wouldn't buy games on it anymore, and promptly closed it down overnight.

Not even Amigas are safe, lots have been trashed, because not everyone has the same memories we had.

Plenty of people are all about the 'next best thing', and they are not a minority either.

They would have had an Amiga for a couple of years, then moved onto a console, then PC then PS3 or 360, and are just itching to move onto the next machine.
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