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I have no idea what's going to be 'retro' in 20 years time, and I guess that's partly up to subsequent generations (those that grew up with modern systems) to decide. Personally, I had more of a fun time messing around with an Amiga than I ever have done with a PC, and I still miss having an A500+ whereas I've never missed having, say, a Windows 95-type PC or, on the other end of the scale, a first edition Playstation.

Also, I quite liked the 'safety net' aspect of the Amiga... worst thing that can happen coding-wise is you'll get a guru and it's like "fair enough". I'm much more hesitant to mess around on PC's just in case I somehow manage to knacker them up. Besides, as much as I like using a PC, I just feel they lack a little bit of soul. They seem like transient things; every upgrade makes the previous one totally obsolete. I never EVER got that feeling with the Amiga... every KS version/chipset had its own charm, character and quirk.
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