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Originally Posted by MagikGimp View Post
Initial impressions are good but I'm going to have to go through all of this from top to bottom very thoroughly to be sure everything is correct. The problem is that this project is so old now it can be hard working out what's what. I think the main thing is that the most up to date files are there and that the installation order is correct. What I mean is that it would be nice for new users to be able to use the guide and have the most up to date AiaB. Getting this all together is tricky because it involves an old installer, updated file to be written over and only then for the AiaB WinUAE profile to be run for the very first time. It's perfectly feasible to just use the latest update but it's more of a manual process which invalidates the need for the guide and can be confusing for newcomers.
I'll try to go through things today, it'll be something to do on a Sunday.
Mad angus has just started going through it all. He has said that downloads section was confusing.
I think the most important thing at the moment, is getting site updated and make it easier to understand the downloads to avoid confusion.
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