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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
There is a similar question: what was retro 20 years ago?

A friend of mine's dad had a Pong console, think it might have been the Atari one. We tried it around 1998 and it still worked great.

Also, my dad had en old TI calculator with a red LED display from the mid 70's. I remember playing with it maybe around 1985 (which means it couldn't really have been more than 10 years old) until it was thrown away (I probably broke it ).

Another question would be, how many Amigas will be left and working in another 20 years? Probably very few, so do like me and make sure nobody is allowed to throw one away and if it doesn't work, fix it or salvage the parts. I remember in the mid to late 90's that people were practically giving Amigas away (I remember finding an A500 in a dumpster where it unfortunately had been a while in the rain so it was beyond salvaging). I regret not buying a truck load back then.
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