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It might be different today, but most of the people I grew up with who also had Amigas back then don't care about them at all today. For them it is simply an old relic which lost the fight to the modern PC. I think it is only a few of us who likes the old stuff, maybe because the machine was more than just a tool.

I just bought an A600 about a month ago from a guy where it had been stuffed in the back of a closet for 10+ years. He had practically forgot about it until he found it and put it up for sale. When I was coming to pick it up he said he had started feeling sentimental about it when he was testing it for the sale, since it was his first and only Amiga. I can understand that feeling, as I would probably never part with my Amigas or C64.

Unfortunately I sold my original A500+ long ago, but then again I got a good amount of money from it which I used to buy my first PC, which I also liked although it was very different. It didn't even have a sound card, so coming from an Amiga to a PC-speaker was a big step down..
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