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I'll never forget watching a show about times past on BBC. They got about 20 primary school kids in a room with a vinyl record player and only ONE knew what it was, but even then didn't know how to work it.

then there was this show where a family were moved into a house, and each episode the house and all it's technology was changed to be the decade they had to live. All the kids were bored, until the late 70's 80's came and the got an Atari and later a BBC Micro made me realise how lucky I was to be born in the early 80's. Any younger and i'll have been bored stiff, and older and i'd have missed a fantastic era in computing.

like wilshy said, kids these days are born into a disposable ethos. if something electrical breaks, throw it in the bin. if something broke when i was a kid my mum and i tried desperately to fix it. a waste not, want not mentality.

what i will never get over though is the way we're now getting accustomed to paying for digital goods that don't come on any media at all. kids growing up now will never know the value of holding a record, cd, cassette, floppy disk etc in your hand to load/play the software written on them. the true value of such goods is deteriorating such that kids will only have memories, and no tangible items they can hold and use to reminisce.

EDIT just to add to the vinyl record bit... about 6 months ago i went to play a record and tried to put the needle on the inside! i've gotten so used to the way cd's read inside out that i forgot that records went outside in!
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