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I think we live in a very different world to when we were growing up. There will always be those who do look back fondly, whatever generation but right now the masses (remember the Amiga was part of the masses at one stage) have a very throwaway life. Music, phones, consoles etc. Games have invariably changed from what they were to the now iterative versions of the same game and that is what will be remembered. Will the kids of now look back fondly on Fifa 13? Of course not as they'll be playing Fifa 25 by then. Also the fact I couldn't play my XBLA games without being connected to the internet spoiled it for me to the point I sold my Xbox. I bought the games, why can't I play them whenever and wherever I am?

But that isn't to say there isn't much to applaud these days, however that is very much the minority, the niche instead of the masses. Even mass selling consoles like the MD, SNES, N64, DC etc etc hold special places in peoples hearts in a way that the current gens will never in the majority of people.

What I'm basically rambling about it when we were growing up, the majority had stuff they could remember if they wanted too, now it's very much the minority. Retro gaming & computing will still be us old gits until we all fall over and get buried. We ARE the retro generation. Enjoy it while you're not dribbling all over the carpet
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