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Floppy disk What will be retro in 20 years?

Feeling a little philosophical this sunday so was thinking about the following:

I think that most of us are in this forum because we grew up with the Amiga and it was a central part of our life, so it will always have a special place for us. PC's were also around but they were mainly used for spreadsheets and other boring stuff :-), but the Amiga seemed to be able to handle most things well.

Do you think that any of the today's electronic 'toys' will have a similar status in 20 years for today's young people? It seems to me that kids today are very occupied with their PS3/X360 and when they're not at home, their iPhones. I very much doubt that there will be many working iPhones left in 20 years, but maybe some of the consoles?

While the Amiga was by many considered as a gaming console, it was also used by creative people to create music, graphics, animations, coding etc., which is not so much the case for modern consoles (it takes a lot more to get started on console coding than it did on the Amiga). Many current console games also require an online connection to be playable, which will not work in 20 years, unless someone creates a server emulation for it (if it doesn't already exist?).

Do you think 12 year olds today will need a CoD fix when they're 32? :-)
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