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Well this thread has inspired me to finish off the last bits of code for the 1980s Football Manager Game.

Will spend tomorrow and Monday play testing - any amendments now will be just correcting errors which prevent the game from working.

As I mention on the webpage I could be tempted to make a sequel - 1981 manager as the changes I would like to do (adding FA and league cup - away fixtures - adding correct player names - team playing styles) would require changing the structure of the main programme - which is a major rewrite not just a simple bolt on. The only minor change I might make is to change the font used as that seems to be the most commented aspect on various websites which have mentioned the game.

Two things to remember when playing this -firstly this is my first ever game and secondly it was only me developing it and not a large software house so it was always going to be more similar to football manager on the 8 bit computers rather than championship manager on the pc / modern consoles.

Anyway hopefully it might inspire others to have a go at making games on the Amiga - the first project is definately the most difficult but boy have I learnt a lot about how not to design and make a game.
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