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I've finally gotten around to playing with the emulator again.

As suggested, if you change the CPU speed from max to chipset, emulation speed will improve considerably.

For the Amiga -> CPU settings, my options are now:

CPU: 68000
Cycles: Normal
Cycles Option: Un-Locked
Speed: chipset
CPU to Chipset Ratio: 75%
With those settings, I played through Mad Professor Mariarti at close to full speed, with sound enabled. Other games I tried also seemed to work fine, although not all. Obviously the ratio is too high for certain games, such as Karate Kid II, so taking it down to 50% fixed that problem.

I'm happy with the emulation now. It's not perfect, but most things that I've tried are playable enough I'm looking forward to seeing the new version!

FOL: A couple of quick suggestions related to the UI. Whether or not they are implemented doesn't bother me, as I'm happy with the emulator as-is
- When scrolling through the list of ADFs, I use L1 and R1 to flick through them quickly. Have you considered making them Page Down and Page Up type buttons instead of a fast scroll?
- Ever thought about a favorites system for ADFs? ie. Find an ADF, click a button and have it added to a favorites screen so that I can easily flick back to that ADF without having to find it again.
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