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Akira, I think you're a bit mixed up about sample rate versus musical note frequency. Sample rate only determines the maximum frequency of note you can properly reproduce. (1/2 of the sample frequency). AFAIK, it has no other relation to musical notes. ie, any digital audio system should playback any note below it's maximum with equal accuracy. (antialias and reconstruction filter quality notwithstanding)

11Khz is usually short for 11025 Hz, exactly 1/4 of 44.1kHz, supposed to make sample rate conversion less painful. Again, no relation to musical frequencies, you just can't record or reproduce any notes or harmonics above 5.5kHz.

Maybe you refer to special tricks on amiga to reduce file size, creating multi sample instruments with increased sample rates for higher pitches or. . . ?

EDIT:H0ffman has posted the same table in his tutorial and these numbers relate the musical frequency to the amigas PAL clock frequency. I guess there is something going on here with the amigas unique hardware that I don't understand? Excuse my ignorance but it just looked very odd to me to use different sample rates based on the note you are recording.

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