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Suggestions are truly welcome.

Yes it is going to be maintained again.

I won't be making any changes to the site design, especially after reading the comments here and talking to FOL. I get the impression that if I did I would be ripping the heart out of it.

There might be additional pages in time or slight reordering of a page layout, but only if it makes sense and is needed. So suggestions would help to decide what needs done if anything.

There will be updated versions in the coming months, updated components, tested against the current WinUAE, you know the drill, and how long it takes.

I will say that I not aiming at a replacement or a competitor to AmiKit or ClassicWB, I like the lightweight nature of AIAB and would like to keep it that way. Ultimately FOL is the project lead on this, so it depends on suggestions and FOL's lead as to where we take this in the future.

Big thanks to James and FOL.
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