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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
oscillator pins entirely damaged have 50Mhz (and under) crystals for sale. cheap as chips

Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
I still keep WinUAE for quick testing, but all my Amiga gaming goes on my real A1200
yep, same here. at least until my replacement PSU turns up

Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Well, it kinda looks like I'm monopolizing the thread so I'm outta here for a while
with the previous comment about emulation, I think you just brought it back on track

besides, I think even the previous chat about hardware, the costs, the drawbacks and what you want from your current/future amiga counts towards the "do people still buy amigas" because it sums up our plight for hunting down that bargain and being concious of future upgrades. i think for those reading the thread that don't own an amiga can relate to this

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