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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
The original Atari 2600 joystick, no doubt.

I got two since i wanted one working atari joystick next to my atari 2600. But one were very loose and the other where just wonky. well, i took the first one apart. I was pretty amused by the low-tech inside. the stick have jumped out of the center pin - what a terrible way to build a stick. The other stick were previously opened and fixed with something that felt like bubble gum. the white plastic inner stick were all torn to shreds and the board had all the leaf contacts flattened. I know you can get spares and fix it up but damn if i bother to waste money on this crap. now i got one stick that works and it'll going to be a decorative piece since the first round with one of the many annoyingly hard atari games it'll have had too much force applied.
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