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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
I'm certainly not planning on any original ideas! Classic genres done well is more my aim.

Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Still, the chances of some unrelated company trying to make a new Amiga game for profit seem pretty slim to me.

You misunderstand. I'm suggesting they may steal ideas for modern game consoles and/or the PC. How many original ideas do we see these days?
Alot of games are sequels or old games that have been ported and/or upgraded graphically.

Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
Below is a link to a video showing some skelton routines for the following tpye of games

Shootem up
Maze Games
Platform games
Text adventure games
Hehe, I already wrote a maze game in AMOS back around 2002! It's called Alutia's Jewels and is on Aminet as part of my Games Vol. 1 set (see my signiture for link). It is a bit crap, but it was a test to see how good AMOS was and was the first time I did any programming since on my spectrum in the early 90's.

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