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My lotus notes database contains 1000's of emails both personal and work related. You have to understand why I cannot send it you?

If someone has an easy way to open it on a WindowsPC or Linux (without licensed software) then I'll try and extract the emails from the Russian coder who helped patch Ambermoon English in 1999.

The Thalion server (Amiga A2000) was "preserved". It was transferred to Bluebyte HQ with the Thalion team, tucked away somewhere safe. Over the years it got forgotten, all but one of the Thalion team members left Bluebyte and eventually thrown away because no-one could remember what it was.

Individual members may still have their own code (for example Christian Jungen still had No Second Prize when I last talked to him).

Fortunately one Thalion developer (Erik Simon) had the English beta version on floppy disks but no Amiga. He sent them to me in the post for preservation in 1998/9. If it hadn't been for his kind and trusting act, the English speaking world may never have tried Ambermoon at all!!
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