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Stuck in the 80s

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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
I completely understand. I still have my dead A600. I have given away all parts of it that are removable for free... but I still can't stand to part with it. Every time i look at the mangled mess of what's left of it, I'm reminded of how I shouldn't treat my possessions, and the sorrow i felt when i got angry with it and smashed it to bits makes me value my higher spec 1200 all the more
I remember throwing my Speccy +3 in the bin! But eBay wasn't around then when I did it

Tried playing Lotus II again a month or so ago on my 2000 before I sold it off... just couldn't get back into it right... 15 minutes later and I'd had enough! But saying that I like collecting the games themselves and magazines..... Love reading about the Amiga... but it's like I cherish the memories but can't come to using one again because the feeling just isn't the same.... *sigh* BRING BACK THE FACKING 80's/90's!
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