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Yes, I buy real HW from time to time...

When I sold my 1200 in 1999 I had a break for 3 - 4 years without... then bought a CD32... had various models over the years since then but sold them on once I'd cleaned them up! That's all I seem to do with them!

Left with just one A500 now which I may end up selling as I don't really have the inclination to fire it up much! Which seems a shame as someone else could put it to better use than sitting in my wardrobe. I don't really have the room to have it set up all the time (Stupid PC!!! - I am actually sat exactly in the same spot where I was 22 years with my original 500 )

Don't get me wrong, love Amiga but UAE is that bit more convenient these days to fire up and have a quick blast on my favourite games.

If I had my original 500 from the 90's then I might be more into it... just doesn't feel the same without *that* A500 if anyone understands me?

If I were to buy another one then it would need to be NOS for that 'new' feel. God I have issues
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