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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
Unfortunately that isn't really possible to do in an extension. You can't write new program flow statements. At least, there's no documented way to do it as far as I know.
Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
I agree. I don't have any documentation on how to do that, and if it was to be done I suspect it would require rewriting the AMOSPro.lib (special extension) as the first few "commands" in that are actually related to the editor syntax!
Ow! I had a feeling it was going to be like that! After all, if it were that easy it would surely have been done long ago in any of the many extensions available. I'll stick with good old On-Proc and If-Then for a while, they do the job, but... (just whising out loud )

Originally Posted by amigapd View Post
The disk can be downloaded from the Amos Factory - see my other post in the request section - and contains all the source code.
Thanks for pointing at it. Adventure source codes are something I'm always hungry for!
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