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After finally getting some decent rest (cant believe I more or less had an all nighter for the sake of winning a game ), this is kinda funny

I must congratulate myself on managing to get the idea across without it being a totally meaningless rant Got myself so damned worked up chasing that elusive win.
I suspect lack of sleep played a big part in this by the end. As Im sure anyone who's grown up playing video games will know a lack of sleep becomes like a weird intoxication after a while, and I was pretty "drunk"
I really wanted to go off at something, break something, smash glass, do something that made a big satisfying noise, but thankfully I guess, Im currently living in flats, and mine shares a wall with a neighbor so was mindful of not going off too much
There was also this little nagging voice in the back of my mind saying, "youll regret it", that helped me refrain In the end I opted for throwing an empty can of Pringles a few times at the wall Made a satisfying noise and I got to exert some physical force.

The things we do hey?

Very silly, very tired, but no real harm done
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